Jibben Software

Jibben Software develops software for Intel based systems running DOS, OS/2, or Win32 operating systems. Jibben Software currently develops software for two different markets. Jibben Software started developing file utilities, primarily in regards to popular archiving software, such as PKZip.

In the past, Jibben Software also produced BBS door games, primarily games. These games are designed to run under BBS software that is capable of running DOS based door games. This software is now free!

To contact Jibben Software, please the Contact Us form at www.jibben.com

Jibben Software is located at:

Jibben Software
191 15th St NE
Watertown, SD 57201

Phone: 763-551-2510

DOS and Win32 are trademarks of the Mircosoft Corporation. OS/2 is a trademark of the IBM Corporation. PKZip is a trademark of PKWare, Inc. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation.

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